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Why to visit Možnica waterfalls and gorges on your trip to Bovec?

Bovec area is not only known by the emerald river Soča, but also by so many springs and rivers creating splendid waterfalls and canyons it is hard to say which one is the worthiest seeing. However, Moznica brook is certainly one of the most interesting and wild natural wonders in Soča Valley, great for a visit also during the dry period of the year. Možnica valley, named after Možnica river, which has carved its way between the two mountains near Bovec – Mt. Rombon (also known as Veliki Vrh; 2208 m) and Mt. Jerebica (2126 m). The locals have given the playful Možnica creek a local name; Nemčlja creek. Thus, don’t be confused if on the way you see some labels for Možnica and others for Nemčlja as they are pretty much the same thing. You shouldn’t miss its wild spring- water eruption underneath the rocks  and should definitely see at least one of its 7 water cascades; the  Great Možnica waterfall with 20 meters of height. Just next to the big  cascade you will see an amazing natural bridge, one of the must see  natural wonders in Triglav Natural Park. Seeing the Nemčlja Canyon, 150  meters long and up to 28 meters deep, will also make you realize the  amazing hidden power of fresh water coming directly from the mountains.  Visitors will not be disappointed if visiting the natural sight during  the winter or summer, when smaller streams usually dry up, as Moznica  Valley is surrounded only by high mountains (above 2000m) storing fresh  water throughout the year.

After a heavy rain the water near the Nemčlja spring practically erupts  from underneath the rocks. Then the stream calms down a bit and in the  lower part of the river it roars off and flows into Koritnica river. On  the way you can see some splendid cascades and take a look at the abyss  from a small footbridge. 200 meters before the confluence with the  Koritnica brook, the Nemčlja River has carved an extremely narrow  crevasse into the rock approximately 150 m long and up to 28 meters  deep. the Nemčlja gorge is as beautiful as the Great Soča canyon, but  still remains a hidden jam yet to be discovered when visiting Triglav  Natural Park.

Please note that Moznica gorge and Moznica waterfalls, located in Bovec region, are not to be confused with Mostnica gorge near Bohinj.

Getting there

Možnica Valley is located between fortress Kluže and a tiny village Log pod Mangartom (which also goes by the name Log). If you are starting your trip from our accommodation in Čezsoča, take the road to Bovec and continue the journey on the main regional road from Bovec to the mountain pass Predil (the border between Slovenia and Italy). Few kilometres before the village Log you will notice the label Možnica Valley and a parking lot (on the left).

Access to Možnica (Nemčlja) gorge (difficulty level: undemanding, total length: 40-60 minutes)

There are 2 possible pathways leading to Možnica (Nemčlja) gorge. The macadam pathway (purple line) is the easiest (you will walk on the macadam road) and offers the best panorama of Julian Alps. If you are coming from Bovec, you should take the main road Bovec-Predil and park the car on the free parking space, located on your left, just across the foot pass, 1.6 kilometres before the village Spodnji Log pod Mangartom. Next to the road you will also see the sign: »Dolina Možnice«. After 10 minutes’ walk on the macadam road you will see a sign: »Korita Nemčlje (Korita Možnice) «. You turn left and follow the road passing a small shepherd cottage. It is worth stopping for a sec and taking a look around. The place is perfect for a quick snack with the best view of Mount Mangart. There, following the signs, you turn right (here the purple meets the red line). The path passes some ruins and after 10 minutes you will see the iron bridge, one of the best spots to observe Nemčlja charms.

You can also access Možnica canyon taking the red line, which is great for everyone enjoying walking in the woods on a hot summer day. If you are coming from Bovec, you should take the main road Bovec-Predil and leave the main road where you see the overpass crossing Koritnica river. After crossing you turn right and follow the red- marked grassy pathway alongside the river Koritnica. You will be walking in the woods and pass the limestone quarry (Apnenica; the place where lime used to be burnt). 

After 10 minutes’ walk you will see a small shepherd cottage, where following the signs you turn left (here the purple meets the red pathway). Later on, the path passes some ruins and after 10 minutes you will see the iron bridge, one of the best spots to observe Nemčlja canyons. It is possible to get closer to the chasms by crossing the bridge and walk down on the right bank of the stream just below the pass. The pathway is suitable only for experienced hikers!

Access to the Great Možnica (Nemčlja) waterfall and the natural Možnica bridge (total length: around 1,5 hours, difficulty level: undemanding)

From the iron bridge crossing the Možnica gorges you can take the yellow-marked pathway, also known as the Walk of Peace, which leads to the Kluže fortress. If you keep left on all crossroads, you will see the Great Možnica Waterfall after 10 minutes’ walk. The 18 meters high water cascade falls from a narrow crevasse through a natural pass or window into an open pool. If you continue on the pathway alongside the river Možnica you will see another beautiful 5-meter high cascade and a smaller, but still a breath-taking natural bridge.

Access to Nemčlja (Možnica) spring and waterfalls (total length:  around 2 hours, difficulty level: undemanding/semi-demanding)

The best way to access the Nemčlja (Možnica) spring is taking the macadam road (purple and brown lines) and making the left turn on the black line at the sign: “Slap Možnica”. Once you get to the Možnica stream the paths disappear. If you follow the stream across rocks and steep ground past small crevasse and after around 20 minutes, you reach the spring of Možnica (or Nemčlja). There are countless springs and the surroundings are very wild. At first, you set your eyes on an 8-meter thin waterfall, which comes to the surface directly out of the rock. There are a few similar small cascades and creeks above it. Besides that, water springs out from numerous rocks nearby.