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May 26th, 2018 curchhistorymuseumsoča
Explore culture

Ravelnik: Free outdoor museum

Ravelnik, consists of reconstructed barracks, underground caverns, shelters, bunkers and trenches. Located on the first defence line of the Austro-Hungarian army on the Bovec field, Ravelnik is a great starting point of the circular forest trail that tells a story about Isonzo front in the World War I.

Gothic church: Bovec sleeping beauty

Make a wish and ring the bell.  St Leonard church is a place where wishes come true. The gothic church was built in the forest, where in 15th century locals were hiding from Turkish invasions, praying for their homes and lives. By the church you will find the source of fresh, spring water worth tasting.

Fort Hermann and Fortress Kluže

Fort Herman was built before WWI as a support to the Fortress Kluže, which is often referred to as Bovec gate. Kluže was used as military base on many opportunities; in 15th century, when damaging the bridge helped stopping Turkish invasions, in 19th century during Napoleon Bonaparte conquest and during WWI.